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Control Your Mind. Control Your Life.


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About Inner Black Yoga

Inner Black Yoga was created by two black men in order to spread awareness and educate on the practice of yoga. 

We will donate portions of our profits and countless hours of our time to inner city programs in order to teach kids and other who do not have access to resources about the entire 8-limb practice of yoga. 

We want to inspire others who look like us or have family and friends that look like us to know that their are people like you out there and this practice is just as much for us as anybody.

Mission Statement

We are a yoga community for underrepresented communities that is committed to teaching the tools of the yoga practice in order to create inner peace and align the mind, body, and soul.




10 weeks of practice dramatically lowered PTSD based on 2019 Harvard Study.


36 million people practice yoga weekly in America.


54% of people use Yoga to release tension.


72% of yoga teachers are female.

Meet The Founders 

Lee Bailey  IG- @LeebaileyII

Marcel Smith IG- @Thesoulenhancer